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Navigating Home Financing as a Foreign National: A Guide to Foreign National Loans

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Very few lenders can offer this type of loan but you are in the right place as we do!

Process of foreign national  loan is very similar to the process of any applicants from US where the home is getting appraised, loan goes though underwriting etc.

What is needed for this loan?

    1. You have to be employed and being able to provide a proof of your employment.

    – If you are Salaried employee you will have to produce the following:

    a. Employment verification letter (on letterhead) including: current salary, bonus, commissions, dividends, etc., total income earned for the two (2) most recent years (if employed over 2 years) and total income earned YTD, current position and date of employment. 

        b. And, Latest three (3) consecutive paystubs or equivalent.

    – If you are Self Employed you will have to produce the following:

       a.   Independent Accountant’s letter (on letterhead) including income for the two most recent years and YTD. Letter must also include percentage of ownership, title, year business was established and line of business.

         b. Copy of Independent Accountant’s Professional License.

       c. Or, Most recent two (2) years of Personal Tax Returns for Borrower(s) and qualifying Guarantor(s), if available. [All documents, translated to English if not in English].

    2. Copy of Current Passport and Visa for Borrower(s) if your country requires visa to US.

    3. Utility bill for all signers.

    4. 1-2 banking reference letters.

    5. Copy of your bank statement for two most recent months showing sufficient funds for a transaction (down payment and closing costs) and reserves for at least 6 months of mortgage payments. All funds have to be in US bank two months before transaction take place. 

All documents have to be in English (or translated in English).

Features of Foreign National Loans:

  • 25-30% down
  • Only investment purposes
  • No need to have SS#
  • No FICO score is required